Chicks flock to the web in Eastern Canada

Women of the Eastern Canada it looks like you now have another choice for your online destination. Johneen Manning, you know part of the Manning family who’s also behind (a Canadian company offering various search tools) has launch what the site calls “Halifax’s chick website.” built on a blogging platform offers members advice, gossip and perspectives for the “Sex and the City” generation of women in their 20’s and 30’s.

What can members to do?
  • comment on articles and chat in the Filly Forum
  • enjoy access to members-only content and easy-to-use interactive
    quizzes and tools
  • receive special advance invites to parties, events and concerts
  • stay in the loop with the hottest Halifax fashions, finds, and gossip
    delivered directly via email

It will be interesting to see whether Johneen has asperations to come west for more of the Canadian female market share and take on other sites such as the various ones owned by Rogers, or Minnow Hamilton’s SavvyMom.

Correction: isn’t built using a blog platform, but open source content management system.

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