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The end of DAN Media, signs of a lack of demand for Digital Signage?

Quebec based DAN Media has completed its sale to Neo Advertising after a losing the financial battle which resulted in bankruptcy. Founded in 1999, DAN Media provided high output advertising and information in real time to audiences of more then 8.7 million consumers across Canada in many of the major shopping malls. Some of their clients include Sony Playstation, Nike, Bell Mobility, Mastercard, Liz Clairborne, Nygard, Chrysler, Ralph Lauren, Sanyo, GM and Maybelline. Switzerland based Neo Advertising which has been around since 2003 plans to keep DAN Media as an active brand. Christian Vagilo-Glors will become the interim CEO for the Canadian branch.

Is this a sign of the digital signage marketplace in Canada? Time will tell whether the Canadian Digital Signage Association and its membership base continues to grow. Perhaps one sign is the recent growth of Teehan+Lax with the addition of their four new team members targeted the digital signage vertical.

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