Accounting association turn to the web to recruit new members

Certified General Accountants of Ontario has launched a first-of-a-kind recruitment website – What’s the big deal, well let’s face it “traditionally” accountants tend to be very conservative so this is a major step forward in this creative usage of video testimonials also to note they haven’t gone off and hired actors but instead have used existing members to help evangelize the program.
“Our objective with this website is to take the recruitment experience to a whole new level,” says Delmarie Scherloski, director of public affairs, Certified General Accountants of Ontario. “We’ve used an intuitive menu system and interactive video, so that potential students can quickly find the information that’s important to them.” The site allows for prospective students to log on and find the answers they need to determine a career in accounting, there is also an opportunity to receive a $2,500 scholarship to qualified visitors.

The website identifies four different categories of individuals that may be considering a career as a professional accountant: university students, college students, internationally trained professionals and those currently employed in accounting and finance. There is also an area for employers. Sections contain information and digital video testimonials, designed to answer questions from each category. will be refreshed, based on the feedback of guests and tracking of the most-viewed sections.

Chris Buyers, manager of marketing for the Association, indicates, “The Certified General Accountants of Ontario has long been recognized as an accounting association that consistently raises the bar on innovative advertising, marketing and branding initiatives. So, a first-of-a-kind digital video interactive recruitment website wasn’t really that hard a sell to management. For us the new website is just the next evolution in effectively recruiting the right students to register in the CGA program of professional studies.”

Agency: Cundari SFP


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