Who is watching mobile video and where are they watching from?

Telephia, has the answer with their latest research findings. According to the data, “contrary to popular belief, mobile video usage is being consumed by older age groups, not just the 18 year olds. Fifty percent of mobile video users are 25-36 year olds, compared to 24 percent of the total mobile population (see Table 2). In terms of gender, mobile video usage does resemble an early adoption profile, where seven out of ten users are men, compared to a nearly even male/female ratio for all mobile subscribers. Mobile video user demographics show an ethnically diverse population, with 16 percent of mobile video users being African-American and 27 percent Hispanic, compared to 11 percent for each group for general mobile subscribers. In contrast, Caucasians under index for mobile video usage.” Telephia is the largest provider of consumer research to the communications and new media markets

So what’s the best time for marketers to grab the attention of consumers? 30 percent of mobile video users watch mobile TV and video clips on their cell phones during the hours of noon and 4 pm, and 31 percent watch during the early evening commute hours of 4 pm to 8 pm (see Table 1)

Table 1: Mobile TV Usage based on Daypart (U.S.)
Daypart Percent (%)
6am – 9am 9%
9am – noon 9%
Noon – 4pm 30%
4pm – 8pm 31%
8pm – 11pm 9%
11pm – 2am 11%
2am – 6am 3%
Source: Telephia Mobile Video Diary Report, Q2 2006

Who are the biggest users? The saying “boys and their toys” rings (pun intended) true in this case (see Table 2)

Demographic Current Mobile Video Users (%) All Mobile Subscribers (%)
Age Group
18-24 23% 11%
25-36 50% 24%
37-55 24% 39%
56+ 3% 26%
Male 70% 47%
Female 30% 53%

“The TV at home is a household device that people often have to share. On the other hand, the cell phone is as personal a device as you can get, and it allows consumers to watch what they want, when they want, and where they want,” said Kanishka Agarwal, VP of New Products, Telephia. Across Canada we are seeing the results from mobile vendors trying to gain a largers pieces of the pie. Recent products include the Blackberry Pearl (Research in Motion/ RIM) and Motorla’s SLVR. Unfortunately it looks like Nokia is a little behind with their mobile phone with video capabilities to compete.

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