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Event Review – Third Tuesday's Toronto Inaugural meet-up with Shel Israel

Third Tuesday’s Toronto is a free monthly meet-up for Toronto area PR and marketing folks interested in learning and sharing more about the practical applications of social media in business. The inaugural event was held last night organized by Terry Fallis, David Jones, Joseph Thornley, Ed Lee & Chris Clarke. Last night’s guest speaker was none other then Shel Israel. Shel is a blogger, start-up consultant and co-author of the popular Naked Conversations book which he co-wrote with Robert Scoble.
The event brought together about 60 communications professionals from around the Toronto area including Leona Hobbs, Lisa Walker, Doug Walker, Mark Evans, Tamera Kremer, Donna Papacosta, Julie Rusciolelli, Michael O’Connor Clarke and Julia Stein. Jeremy Wright who’s being enjoying success with his b5media blog network made the trip from the east coast of Canada and hinted “that he may be moving back to where the action is”, Scott Brooks also made the trip over (stay tuned for their product launch soon).

Based in California, Shel understands how we’re in a global world and talked about how he’s preparing for his second book and world tour with Toronto based VC, Rick Segal. Some of the questions asked of Shel include:

  • Which corporation blog is a good example of one that is doing things right?
  • Now that Robert Scoble has left Microsoft, has the tone he uses in his blog changed?

He was also asked his thoughts on how corporations such as Dell have been handling blogging, especially after their recent crisis with exploding batteries. While some companies are ignoring blogging and consider it a fad Shel pointed out that when consumers do a search on a particular brand or product quite often blogs can get a higher ranking. Is it fair to say that blogs can have an effect on your brand? Most of last nights attendees are blogging and in many cases trying to help their clients understand how to leverage the tools and wrap their heads around ‘social media.’ Blogs have made a big impact, but we can’t forget podcasting (which was the word of the year for 2005 and videoblogging.  Listen now to a partial audio recording of last night’s event.

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