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Rogers Publishing gets cozy with parents across Canada

RogersRogers Publishing looks to get cozier with parents across Canada with their latest purchase of CanadianParents.com, adding to their existing 1.8 million Canadian eyeballs through their print and online publication Todaysparent.com. Originally launched in 1996 by Tracy Keleher, Founder and Business Development Manager, she has grown the online destination to over 1,000,000 pages views per month attracting mostly a female audience with a household income of $60,000 – $100,000 annually. The site has 450,000 dynamic pages of content including 10 professional experts, a message board and email newsletter. This will be a strong play against organizations such as Kaboose who play in the Canadian parent space online. It is probably fair to say the previous print, television and online support partnership with CANOE.ca will the purchase by Rogers Publishing.
Congratulations to Tracy, looks like her many years of hard work have paid off.

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