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5 Tips for finding your next job

Last month The Creative Group released results from their annual survey. There should be no surprise that Internet marketing still remains a hot area for job growth. Other interesting results include – most used tactics include ads online (48%), networking (42%) and leveraging a recuiting firm (36%). We also did a follow up interview with Collin Maria Ezzell, Division Director with The Creative Group.

What roles do you see the biggest increase in? We have seen a huge growth in interactive media and flash design/ development.
What marketing media/ platform has the most growth over 2005? The multimedia, interactive and online areas have been the fastest growing.
You suggest to “not leave any stone unturned”, what role does technology such as forums and blogs play role in today’s recruiting strategies? A bigger part now that the market has shifted and the demand is larger that the supply of candidates.
The market has shifted to a buyers market place where there are more available jobs then qualified applicants – what (5) things would you suggest to candidates to get their next job?

  1. Keep up with current trends (styles, software, industries)
  2. Know the company that you are applying to. (Go to the website, read press releases, know who their clients/ competition are)
  3. Research Salaries (Find out what your market value is so that you don’t oversell or undersell yourself.)
  4. Have a complete and up to date portfolio of your work. (This includes having a print portfolio to take to interviews and either an online or single PDF with several samples to send to potential employers.)
  5. Ask for the extra benefits. If the salary isn’t there or other benefits are more important to you, bring them up! Discuss more vacation, a higher bonus, flexible hours, work from home, etc!

What is the biggest surprise with this year’s results compared to last year? The lack of a lull in the market. Temporary and project work has been flowing in with out a break for months! There have not been the usual peaks and valleys. It has been great!

What do you attribute this grown in overall hiring to? Confidence in the market and marketing in general have attributed to growth. When people feel comfortable in the economy, they want to spend more to bring in customers.

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