Research – Who's listening to podcasts in Canada?

Sequentia Communications and Caprica Interactive Marketing have joined forces to find out “what Canadian have to say about podcasting”. Some of the questions asked include:

  • How familiar they are with the word “podcasting”
  • Which podcasts they’re currently listening to
  • What’s important in a podcast
  • How long and how often they want new podcast episodes
  • How many ads they will tolerate in a podcast

Sections of Survey:

  1. Demographics
  2. Familiarity
  3. Consumption
  4. Canada’s Favourite Podcasts
  5. Content is King
  6. Frequency & Length
  7. Ads in Podcasts
  8. Video Podcasting
  9. Questions We Didn’t Ask (but should have)

Source: Canadian Podcast Listeners Survey

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