Otavo helps you to find the answers

Oakville based Otavo launched last night. It is a Web 2.0 service which provides answers to your “quests”, similar to what Yahoo Answers & Google Answers have released. In efforts at not launching another ‘me too’ web service, Amanuel Tewold and the team at Otavo have added a number of social media tools such as the ability to create a buddy list with other Otavo users and the ability to get your “quests” answered and much more.
I’m trying out the service as we speak (http://otavo.com/quests/where-are-the-web-2-0-companies-in-canada) so far I’m getting some responses which proves this newly launched service already has a community behind it.


Founder – Amanuel Tewold

Offering – Get answers to questions, collaborate with others to find and filter relevent information
CompetitorsYahoo Answers & Google Answers

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