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Qumana Software releases blog editor in French, Spanish & Dutch

VANCOUVER, B.C. – July 24, 2006 – Qumana Software Inc. (“Qumana”) today launches its blog publishing tool, Qumana, in French, Spanish and Dutch versions. These languages mark the first steps to make Qumana a universal tool for bloggers around the globe.

Qumana is a free desktop publishing tool for PC & Mac used to publish to one or more weblogs. Qumana makes writing to blogs as easy as typing an email, with features such as spell check and WYSIWYG image alignment that take the complication out of this new blog technology. The first release of Qumana was in February of 2006, and since then has been downloaded by tens of thousands of bloggers around the world. The increased demand for Qumana has encouraged the release of the first non-English versions: French, Spanish & Dutch, with more versions on the way.

Fred Fabro, CEO of Qumana Software, notes that “many software providers tend to focus only on the English-speaking market. We think every person who has a voice on the Internet should have access to the tools to make communication easier.” Fred continues, “We built Qumana for every blogger, and will be continuing these translations to ensure every blogger can use Qumana.”

About Qumana

Qumana Software, Inc. ( is a leading developer of tools and services for bloggers. Qumana’s industry recognized tools include: Qumana, a blog editor for online publishing; Lektora, an RSS Reader; and Q Ads, an advertising network for bloggers integrated into the Qumana tool. Qumana develops tools for every blogger: PC & Mac, experienced & novice, and multi-lingual. Qumana is headquartered in Vancouver, BC.

Arieanna Schweber
Qumana Software Inc.

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