Building Enterprise Web Apps on a Budget – How We Built Flickr

A one-day practical workshop that will give you everything you need to build a powerful enterprise-level web application on a small budget.

Description: This is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the best web developers in the industry. Our one-day, intensive practical workshop is taught by Cal Henderson, the senior developer of the world-famous Flickr is a next-generation online photo management and sharing application. It currently has over 50 million photos with 400,000 being added every day.

The workshop will focus on topics that have real, practical “rubber-meets-the-road” value. It will cover everything that most developers wish they’d known before tackling a huge professional web application. It will be a lot of information to take in but it’s all stuff you need to know if you’re serious about building an enterprise level web application.

Where: 130 West Centre

Costs: $495

Speakers: Cal Henderson, Flickr


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