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Is The Party Over For TC Media?

By Dave Forde / June 24, 2016

We’ve been hearing rumblings for months about some big changes over at TC Media.   While it’s still an organization to be admired, it’s digital business that once had so much promise and made competitors watch in awe as the pieces ‘seemed’ to come together. They recruited a lot of leadership, talent, and more talent. They made […]


Breaking: Patrick “The Builder” Lauzon Exits TC Media

By Dave Forde / June 6, 2016

After almost three years with the organization, Patrick “The Builder” Lauzon has now announced he is leaving TC Media, and his role as SVP Marketing & Product Strategy.  We first covered his appointment in July 2013, since that time he has made a large impact mark on the organization by helping transform and build the national organization into a digital […]


TC Media Appoints Anwar Sumar To Head Targeo

By Dave Forde / March 17, 2015

Today, TC Media has announced the appointment of Anwar Sumar to the position of General Manager for Targeo, a division of the media company that offers multi-platform distribution strategies and services that accurately target every segment and market across the country. We covered the story when Anwar Sumar joined TC Media back in April 2014 […]


Open For Business: TC Media Launches Its Canadian Programmatic Marketplace

By Dave Forde / April 24, 2014

As they continue to expand on their digital offering, TC Media announced the launch of its Canadian Programmatic Marketplace, which gives advertiser access to premium, brand-safe programmatic advertising inventory in English and French. The marketplace is TC Media’s solution to the evolving and complex world of Real-Time Bidding inventory supply. The Canadian Programmatic Marketplace provides buyers […]


TC Media Continues To Expands Its Interactive Marketing Solutions

By Dave Forde / April 16, 2014

Since TC Media brought on Patrick “The Builder” Lauzon to head up its Interactive Marketing Solutions group, the company has been quick to expand its offering.  This of course meant the hiring of additional talent, and in a few cases individuals who have worked with Patrick at more than one organization in the past.  This week […]

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