Blackberry Alicia KeysAs part of their big rollout event last January where they launched the Blackberry 10 and device, Waterloo-based Blackberry also announced they have hired Alicia Keys as their Global Creative Director. To start it was a role that no one really understood, I mean what does a Grammy-award winning singer/ writer bring to the table to a smartphone manufacturer?   In the coming week, Alicia would to to Twitter and send out tweets from her new Blackberry device during public appearances and concerts, which is exactly what the brand wanted.  Unfortunately she mistakenly pulled out her Apple iPhone one day and sent out a tweet – ouch!  The singer quickly responded saying her account had been hacked, but the damage of her loyalty to the brand had been done.

As Blackberry continues to massive change, news came out recently that Alicia Keys and Blackberry have now parted ways. It was an expensive lesson to learn, but hopefully one they don’t do in the future…

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Dave Forde

Dave “The Connector” Forde has been involved in the technology industry across Canada for over 10 years in sales and marketing roles, he launched PR In Canada, and on Profectio.