handshakeAs the health-tech sector continues to heat up, PatientOrderSets.com recently announced that it has acquired a patient self-management technology, fliiSolutions Inc. (Flii). The technology will allow PatientOrderSets.com to offer more robust support to community care providers and their patients. Flii is used to track patients’ compliance with care plans, including medication schedules, rehabilitation programs, vital signs, and other relevant metrics, allowing patients in the community to be effectively supervised by a clinician remotely.

The app provides a two way link that allows clinicians to view real-time reports and intervene where necessary to offer feedback and instruction in the form of text or video messaging.

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Dave Forde

Dave “The Connector” Forde has been involved in the technology industry across Canada for over 10 years in sales and marketing roles, he launched PR In Canada, and on Profectio.