At this year’s CanSecWest, a conference held in Vancouver, Canada that focuses on digital security, Google got a little surprise as their Chrome browser was successfully hacked as part of a competition that Goole previously announced.  As Chrome is such a key part of Google’s success in business, they offered prize money to anyone who could find vulnerabilities in their browser.  Before the show ever opened on Wednesday, a Russian university student and security researcher Sergey Glazunov managed to hack into a fully patched Windows 7 machine by exploiting a remote code execution vulnerability in Google’s Chrome browser.

This little could get Sergey upwards of $60,000, and no doubt a few job offers.

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Dave Forde

Dave “The Connector” Forde has been involved in the technology industry across Canada for over 10 years in sales and marketing roles, he launched PR In Canada, and on Profectio.