Facebook And Skype Say "Call Me Now" With New Integration

With its over 750,000 users around the world, Facebook has just launched a number of new communications services including ad hoc group chat, a new chat design, and video calling powered by Skype.  Skype of course is owned by Microsoft and is a major share owner in Facebook.  So now users will be able to video call their friends directly from Facebook on a one-to-one basis, however Skype will charge for group video chat.  Friends can also leave each other video voicemails, which is a really cool feature.

Updates to Facebook Chat

They have also announced the launch multi-person chat, friend can be quickly added by clicking on their name.  Also they re-designed chat with wider screens, as well a side panel that you the people you chat with the most and whether they are online or not, which shows up on wider screens.

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