Research – Latest email metrics and trends

eroi email marketingeROI has released their latest study on email marketing trends, data was compiled using over 300 respondents. Below is a snapshot of soem key findings, or download the full study here.

What client to people use?

  • Outlook 2003 still continues to be the dominent usage amongs busines with 20%, a distant second is Outlook 2000 with Apple Mail the third most popular with 7%
  • Google’s Gmail takes top spot amongst personal users with 17%, Yahoo and Outlook 2003 both shared a 14% usage

What day to people prefer to recieve email?

  • 33% said they want to recieve business emails on Monday, while 66% said they want them on a Tuesday
  • Respondents said they prefer to recieve personal email on a Friday (31% an d26% said Wednesday

What are biggest mistakes marketers make?

  • No surprise here, but sending relevent emails tops the list with 65% and too often at 55%

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