10 Reasons why Toronto is a great city for the technogy industry

Toronto has often been recognized as a leading city for technology in North America. Over the last two years we’ve been experiencing a resurge into the industry. Just about ever sector of the technology industry has seen growth, wireless, blogs, broadband and many more. Here are a few thoughts that I’ve together that makes Toronto a major player in the technology industry.

  1. Diversity – Toronto is known as the most diverse city in North America – this gives us an international talent pool to draw from & ability to tap into global markets
  2. Education – University of Toronto’s world-class school of engineering program, along with other top schools such as Seneca College & Centennial College
  3. Internet Access – Canada has a 77% broadband penetration allowing consumers to take advantage of video and online services; Toronto Hydro plans to offer wireless throughout downtown Toronto (Internet everywhere)
  4. Community – centers for excellence such as MaRS & Innovation Synergy Center in Markham
  5. Access to fundsToronto Venture Group (TVG) which brings investment ready-entrepreneurs with presentation opportunities to qualified investors the home all the major Canadian banks,
  6. Cluster – as a whole, Toronto represents 3300 firms & 148,00 employees, annual sales are estimated greater $30 billion, exports of $6 billion , 3rd largest ICT sector in North America, behind San Francisco & New York, head office to such companies as Rogers, ATI Technologies, Hummingbird, Workbrain, Minacs
  7. Community – numerous industry associations and vertical specific associations, Toronto BarCamp
  8. Geography – located hours away from numerous major US cities, it makes for quick business trips a breeze
  9. Government supportICT Toronto and initiative supported by all 3 levels of government with a visions to help the city become “among the top 2 locations in North America and the top 5 in the world for ICT companies”
  10. Innovation – many of the great technology products and services are created right here in Toronto from such companies as Nortel & Celestica

Did I miss anything, what else makes Toronto a major city for technology?

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